So, it is time for you to create your online portfolio but you should follow a few steps in order to do it the right way. Professional designers know that only a well structured web presence can be the first step for a truly successful branding identity online.

The specific kind of mistakes I’m on about today are mistakes made by freelance web designers. But there’s no standard basic stuff here, like: not charging enough, missing yet another deadline, not responding to email in time, not doing any marketing, not being present on social media, and so on.

Sometimes web design can be a really tricky area. Designers might think that what they have on their minds is the absolute idea, the exclusivity that no one had ever thought about. This of course is mostly utopic when we are talking about the web.

Picking the right colors for a site is of great importance for the majority of web designers and developers. We don’t exaggerate if we say that colors play a great part in building a new template.

In some cases, like when you are accessing an external php file through an ajax call, it is necessary to load the Joomla framework inside that file. Loading the framework will ensure that you can use the Joomla classes and methods in the external file.

In WAMP server, if you turn on Search Engine Friendly URLs in Joomla and attempt to enable URL Rewriting (by renaming also htaccess.txt to .htaccess) you will most likely get a 500 error page. The solution to this is pretty simple.

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