What makes our Products Unique

We work tirelessly to create high quality Joomla products for our clients. What truly sets us apart, however, is the passion and drive embodied in Minitek employees. We take pride in what we do and remain loyal, passionate, resourceful and determined to offer you the best templates and extensions.









Our Latest Templates

Beautiful designs that give you wings


Kryptonite NEW

March 2015


February 2015


January 2015


December 2014

Intuitive & Powerful Framework

Experience the powerful T3 Framework built with Bootstrap & LESS and packed with dozens of features.

Responsive Design

Our Joomla! templates ensure not to be just an eye candy but will also fit perfectly on all browsers and devices!


HTML5 is the King! Combined with CSS3, it takes full advantage of modern Web technologies.

Fully Customizable

Create unlimited themes easily and customize colors, fonts, typography and layouts as you wish.

Fast & Furious

Fast loading times thanks to sophisticated, clean code and compression techniques.


Found a bug in one of our products? Please provide us steps to replicate the issue and we will make sure it never happens again.


Chance of getting support:


Display issues

If the product does not display like in our demo page, provide us with log in details and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Chance of getting support:

Very Good

3rd party products

Our extensions and templates are tested to work flawlessly on a clean Joomla installation. If they don't work with 3rd party extensions or templates, we can help you to locate the issue but we can't guarantee to fix the problem.


Chance of getting support:


Javascript conflicts

We can help you to identify such issues but if the problem is caused by a 3rd party extension or template, we will not be able to help you.

If there are javascript errors in your website caused by other extensions, you must solve these errors before asking for support for our products.


Chance of getting support:


Old versions

If you are using an older version of a product, we will try to figure out the issue but there is not much we can do if you don't update to the latest version.


Chance of getting support:



Limited customization support is available only if the feature will add value to the product and is requested by others too.

You can also use our Joomla Services.


Chance of getting support:

Very Rarely


Our support staff is always willing to help you identify technical problems and give you tips on how to configure the extensions/templates.

If you need someone to configure the products for you, you must use our Joomla Services.


Chance of getting support:

Very Rarely

Server & Hosting

You will have to sort it out with your hosting provider. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you.


Chance of getting support:


Important: Admin log in info

We can not provide support if you post single line questions without detailed description of the issue faced. Support requests without links and/or log in info will be automatically labeled as low priority, resulting to prolonged resolution time. Log in info can be submitted inside tickets safely.

Expired Subscriptions

Support is available to paying customers with active subscriptions. If your subscription has expired and you need support, you must renew your subscription.

Old Browsers compatibility

Are you still on IE8 and below? We only support modern browsers like IE9+.

Our Latest Extensions

We bring good things to Joomla

NEW Minitek Content Utilities

Minitek Content Utilities

Subscriptions, Lists, Ratings, Likes & more essential utilities for your website content.

FREE Minitek Wall

Minitek Wall

Minitek Wall is the most powerful and robust Grid system for Joomla, K2 and Jomsocial.

NEW Responsive Grid for Virtuemart

Responsive Grid for Virtuemart

A powerful module that provides beautiful animated filtering and sorting of Virtuemart products.

NEW Responsive Scroller for EasyBlog

Responsive Scroller for EasyBlog

A responsive scroller that allows you to show EasyBlog articles with a set amount of scrolling items.

Support Desk

At Minitek, we are committed to providing the best customer service as part of a great customer experience. Our professional and experienced staff will listen closely and respond to any request.

Visit Support Desk


What our clients say about us

I am extremely impressed by their technical knowledge, attention to detail and customer support. Best of all, they really made me feel as though they care about the success of my website.

Many Thanks!

Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell

I have used Minitek in the past for customisation work and the end result has always been exceptional with great communication along the way.

I also use several of their extensions and make Minitek my first port of call when I need an extension or some customisation work.

Marc Taylor Marc Taylor Flux3 Design

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