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Extensions for K2

Jomsocial - K2 Integration

Jomsocial - K2 Integration

The Jomsocial-K2 Integration plugin synchronizes K2 and Jomsocial users, replaces all user links/avatars/info in K2 pages with the ones from Jomsocial and inserts activities into the Jomsocial activity stream when a K2 item is created or updated.


  1. Users links/avatars/info synchronization. This includes the K2 Category page (listings), the K2 Item page, the K2 Author page and the K2 Comments block.
  2. Jomsocial activity stream integration. When a new K2 article is created or updated, the activity is inserted into the Jomsocial activity stream.
  3. User level integration. This means that when a new user is registered through the Jomsocial registration, this user is automatically assigned as a registered K2 user.

Important: The plugin is designed to work with the default template of K2. Please install at your own risk if your K2 template is modified in a non-proper manner or if you have made changes to the template files.

No core hacks

There are absolutely NO core hacks in this extension. This means that you don't have to go through painful file replacements when you update the components.


The plugin does not change the links in the K2 modules.

Additional Info

  • Compatibility: J!2.5 J!3.x
  • Includes:
  • Type: Commercial
  • License: GPL v2.0
  • Version: 3.1.3
  • Requirements: K2 2.6.x, Jomsocial 2.x/3.x
  • Category: K2 Extensions

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  • Top Extension!

    No core hacks, simple installation, perfect support and a lot of other useful and free extensions from this developer result in a precious software package. I am perfectly happy with this plugin and I am looking forward to seeing further developments. by Monger Quark
  • Perfect

    This plugin makes seamless integration between JomSocial and K2. so that you can show the JomSocial profile/avatar in K2 posts and comments. Essential for any site that uses K2 + JomSocial.
    Pros: no hacks, easy setup, keeps the K2 core intact.
    Cons: no downsides.
    by jeanvet

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