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Jomsocial - K2 Integration

The Jomsocial - K2 Integration is a commercial extension for the K2 component.

The Jomsocial-K2 Integration plugin synchronizes K2 and Jomsocial users, replaces all user links/avatars/info in K2 pages with the ones from Jomsocial and inserts activities into the Jomsocial activity stream when a K2 item is created or updated.

NO core hacks

There are absolutely NO core hacks in this extension.
This means that you don't have to go through painful file replacements when you update the components.


1. Users links/avatars/info synchronization

This includes the K2 Category page (listings), the K2 Item page, the K2 Author page and the K2 Comments block.

2. Jomsocial activity stream integration

When a new K2 item is created or updated, the activity is inserted into the Jomsocial activity stream.

3. User level integration

This means that when a new user is registered through the Jomsocial registration, this user is automatically assigned as a registered K2 user.

The extension consists of 1 K2 plugin, 1 user plugin and 1 template override file (item.php).
The override is for the Comments integration.

If you have a customized template do not copy the whole item.php as this will overwrite your template. You only need the comments block from this file. If you use the K2 default template you can safely copy the file inside a template override.


1. Unzip the archive K2_Jomsocial_Integration_UNZIP_FIRST.zip.

2. Unzip the archive K2_Jomsocial_Integration_17_UNZIP_FIRST.zip or K2_Jomsocial_Integration_15_UNZIP_FIRST.zip according to your Joomla version.

3. Install the plugin plg_k2jomsocialuser.zip.

4. Install the plugin jsk2.zip.

5. Go to templates/yourtemplate/html and create this path if it does not exist:

    Copy the file item.php to the above path.
    If you want to use Joomla 1.5 with K2 2.5 then copy the file item.php from the Joomla 1.7 version of the archive.

6. Go to Joomla backend >> Extensions >> Plugin Manager and enable the plugin K2 - Jomsocial User Integration.

7. Go to Joomla backend >> Extensions >> Plugin Manager and enable the plugin K2 - Jomsocial Integration.

8. Don't forget to enable K2 plugins for the Categories you want the plugin to work with (You can do this inside the Category Settings in K2 backend).


If the integration does not work in the Item view of K2 (articles view) then use the file item.php from the folder



- 02.05.2014

- Fixed problem in Item view where the author description and url were not retrieved from Jomsocial profile.


- 11.01.2013

- Minor changes for compatibility with Jomsocial 3.x.


- 08.27.2013

- Fixed bug in K2 Item view.


- 08.23.2013

- Added support for Jomsocial Activity Stream Likes & Comments.

v.1.5.4 - v.2.5.2

- 04.05.2012

- Fixed notices in K2 Category page when Category is empty.

v.1.5.3 - v.2.5.1

- 03.31.2012

- Fixed problem where new K2 item was displayed in Jomsocial stream even when it was not published.

- v.2.5.1 for Joomla 2.5.

- Fixed notices in K2 Category page and K2 Item page.

v.1.5.2 - v.1.7.1

- 02.04.2012

- The plugin K2 - Jomsocial User Integration for Joomla 1.5 is a separate plugin now and does not replace the original K2 User plugin anymore.

v.1.5.1 - v.1.7.1

- 12.20.2011

- Jomsocial - K2 Integration for Joomla 1.7 is released.


- 17.08.2011

- Jomsocial - K2 Integration for Joomla 1.5 is released.