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Minitek Live Search is a feature-rich search system that allows users to search within custom search types. Live search results are displayed as soon as the user starts typing a word in the search field.

Key Features

Data source


Articles, Categories


Articles, Categories, Authors




Users, Groups, Events, Albums, Photos, Videos

FAQ Book Pro

Questions, Topics
Create your own custom search types
Instances allow users to search within specific search parameters
Instances are displayed in a dropdown type selector
Users can switch on/off instances dynamically in the selector
Customizable instances ordering and labeling
AJAX interface, results load asynchronously
Shows results as soon as the user starts typing
Groups results by instance type
Optionally display items thumbnails
Limits search within specific instances
Groups results by instance type
Instances buttons allow users to filter results
AJAX pagination (load more button)
Menu item for search results
Place search form anywhere via a module
Supports template overrides
Search respects content access levels
Can be used on multi-lingual websites


Minitek Live Search

Detailed Data Source

  • Joomla articles, categories
  • K2 items, categories, authors
  • Jomsocial users, groups, events, photos, albums, videos
  • FAQ Book Pro questions, topics
  • Virtuemart products
Minitek Live Search

Component Results

  • AJAX driven engine
  • Custom grouping of results
  • Custom group labels
  • AJAX pagination
Minitek Live Search

Module Results

  • AJAX driven engine
  • Instant search results in module
  • Character limit to trigger dynamic results
  • Custom grouping of results
  • Custom group labels
  • Dynamically switch on/off search instances
Minitek Live Search

Customizable Layout

  • Beautiful and clean design
  • 2 different layouts
  • 2 different themes
  • 5 color skins
  • Enable module real-time type selector
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