Free Minitek System Messages

An unobtrusive notification system for Joomla system messages.

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Quick Info

Joomla 3 Joomla 4 ALPHA
1.0.7 View Changelog
Joomla 3.9 or later


Minitek System Messages is a plugin that replaces the default Joomla system messages with pop-up notifications that don't obstruct the work flow and yet keep the user informed. In addition to Joomla default messages, the plugin also informs the user after a successful login and when the user session has expired.

Key Features

Plug & play, no code required
Replaces Joomla messages with popups
Enable in back-end
Enable in front-end
Show message on login
Show message after user session expiration
Set number of concurrent messages
Add excessive messages to queue
Set messages as sticky
Set lifespan of non-sticky messages
Configure animation speed
2 popups themes
Group messages of same type
Configure popups position and colors

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Minitek System Messages

Plug and Play

  • Easy installation - no code required
  • Replaces the default Joomla messages
  • Customizable popup messages
  • Shows message after successful login
  • Shows message when user session has expired
Minitek System Messages

Total Control

  • Enable in back-end
  • Enable in front-end
  • Select number of concurrent messages
  • Set messages as sticky
  • Set messages life-time
  • Select position of messages
Minitek System Messages

Custom Colors

  • Customize Message colors
  • Customize Notice colors
  • Customize Warning colors
  • Customize Error colors

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