Joomfolio for K2

  • Fixed Fixed item selector for K2 v.2.8.0.
  • Changed Updated module backend for K2 v.2.8.0.
  • Changed Changed method of javascript inclusion to prevent conflicts in some installations.
  • Added Module template can now be overriden in the html directory of your template.
  • Added Option to select K2 images or inline images.
  • Added You can now select a fallback image for articles without images.
  • Added Content plugins can now be rendered inside the items introtext.
  • Added Font Awesome is now loaded over https.
  • Changed Removed external jQuery library.
  • Changed Updated, faster and smaller in size javascript library.
  • Added Extra data source options.
  • Changed Optimized and faster grids.
  • Changed Is installed as mod_joomfolio_for_k2. Older versions were installed as mod_joomfolio.
  • Fixed Fixed Strict Standards errors in frontend when error reporting was set to Development mode.
  • Changed Updated backend to Joomla 3.3 framework.
  • Fixed Fixed problem where images did not appear when website is located inside a root subfolder.
  • Fixed Fixed javascript bug in backend.
  • Removed 'Load more' button has been removed.
  • Fixed Fixed javascript bug.
  • Changed Updated fancybox to version 2.1.5.
  • Added Added functionality to hide hover effect + make image a link.
  • Added Added functionality to hide hover links.
  • Added Display message to upgrade if browser older than IE8.
  • Version 2.5.1 is released.

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