Responsive Grid for Virtuemart

  • Added Added new ordering: Product availability date.
  • Changed Image is now a link when the hover box is disabled in the fancy theme.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where items from children categories were not retrieved automatically when multi-vendor functionality was enabled in Virtuemart configuration.
  • Added Added data source parameter to include children categories.
  • Fixed Fixed bug with broken admin interface for Virtuemart 3.2.x
  • Fixed Upgraded module backend for Virtuemart 3.2.
  • Added You can now select a fallback image for products without images.
  • Fixed Fixed error message when no image was found in an item.
  • Changed Changed method of javascript inclusion to prevent conflicts in some installations.
  • Changed Images can now be cropped to dimensions larger than the original dimensions.
  • Changed Images are now links to the items.
  • Added Module template can now be overriden in the html directory of your template.
  • Added Added option to disable image cropping.
  • Changed Images can now be cropped to dimensions larger than those of the original images.
  • Changed Font Awesome is now loaded over https.
  • Changed Removed external jQuery library.
  • Version 3.1.0 is released for Virtuemart 3.x.

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