Minitek System Messages

  • Changed Joomla Update message in admin is now always sticky.
  • Fixed CSS fixes in minimal theme.
  • Added You can now customize icon colors.
  • Added You can now customize the [Close all] button.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where a javascript error occured when the messages contained HTML.
  • Added Added second theme: minimal.
  • Changed Session expiration message is now always sticky.
  • Added Messages of same type can be automatically grouped into the same message container.
  • Added Added user session expiration message in back-end.
  • Fixed Fixed notification container width bug.
  • Added Added new position: screen center.
  • Changed Container is now scrollable when messages overflow the maximum height.
  • Added Added FontAwesome icons in message headers.
  • Added Added front-end message after successful login.
  • Added Added user session expiration message.
  • Added Added support for dynamically added system messages.
  • Initial release of Minitek System Messages.

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