Content Notifications

  • Changed Updated back-end dashboard page.
  • Changed Updated back-end user interface.
Posted 3 months ago
  • Removed Removed font 'Roboto' from back-end.
  • Removed Removed deprecated code from back-end files.
  • Removed Removed sidebar menu from back-end edit views.
  • Removed Removed deprecated JavaScript file from front-end.
  • Added Added 'No results' message in front-end when lists are empty.
  • Removed Removed deprecated 'folder' view from front-end.
  • Fixed Fixed notice message in front-end when no redirect menu item had been selected in the component configuration.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Updated for PHP 7.2.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed broken link in subscription verification email.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug in Joomla 3.9.1 where publish/unpublish actions would not work in back-end.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Changed Small changes in admin interface.
  • Added Added 'Updates' view in backend.
  • Added User email record is now deleted from the email queue when a user unsubscribes by following the unsubscribe link in the email notification.
  • Added Added new configuration parameter: Enable user updates. Allows for enabling/disabling user updates.
  • Fixed Parent title and url placeholders in email templates now default to the parent category when object type is 'item'.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Added Added new placeholder in email templates: [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]. Provides a url that allows users to unsubscribe from email notifications.
  • Changed Small changes and css fixes in admin layout.
  • Changed Guest subscription verification return url is now encoded (base64).
Posted 3 years ago
  • Added Added missing translations in 'My Follows' list.
  • Removed Removed sorting by 'Object type' in 'My Follows' list.
Posted 4 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug where email notifications were not sent to non-registered users.
Posted 4 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed version checking in administrator area.
  • Fixed Fixed user permissions for front-end actions.
Posted 4 years ago
  • Initial release of Content Notifications.
Posted 4 years ago