Minitek FAQ Book Pro

  • Beta Beta version for Joomla! 4.0.0-beta4.
Posted 2 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug with question urls.
  • Fixed All functions in UtilitiesHelper are now static.
Posted 7 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug with question urls.
Posted 7 months ago
  • Changed Updated table columns in back-end views.
  • Fixed Fixed bug when removing attachments in back-end question form.
  • Changed Attachments can now be opened from the back-end 'attachments' view.
  • Fixed Fixed bug when deleting answers in the back-end.
Posted 7 months ago
  • Beta Beta version for Joomla! 4.0.0-beta1.
Posted 7 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed router bug that created wrong urls for question forms.
  • Removed Removed icon from save button in front-end forms.
  • Fixed Updated links to documentation in back-end.
  • Changed Optimized questions loading in front-end views.
Posted 8 months ago
  • Added You can now attach files to questions and answers.
  • Added New back-end view: Attachments.
  • Added Added new permissions:
    • -- Create attachments
    • -- See attachments
  • Added Added new Configuration parameters:
    • -- Attachments > Max files
    • -- Attachments > Max size
    • -- Attachments > Accepted types
    • -- Advanced > Load Bootstrap css
  • Added New database table:
    • -- minitek_faqbook_attachments
  • Changed Custom fields are no longer required in back-end question form.
Posted 8 months ago
  • Changed Custom fields in question form are now loaded dynamically after selecting/changing topic.
  • Changed Custom fields are now implemented via the JForm class.
  • Removed Removed configuration parameters:
    • -- Question Form > Allow topic selection
    • -- Question Form > Static topic
  • Added Custom fields now display in back-end question form too.
  • Added Added column Topics in custom fields back-end table.
Posted 8 months ago
  • Changed Various changes in front-end css and javascript.
  • Changed Layout changes in front-end question moderation tools.
  • Added New Questions theme: Social.
  • Added Added new Section parameters:
    • -- Questions > Avatar
    • -- Question > Theme
    • -- Question > Avatar
    • -- Question > Answers > Avatar
  • Added New Question theme: Social.
  • Added Added moderator label in answers.
  • Added Added new Topic parameter:
    • -- Options > 'Create denied' content
Posted 9 months ago
  • Changed Moderators can now select any topic from any section in front-end question form.
  • Changed Merged question.xml and question_noc.xml forms in the front-end.
  • Changed Merged answer.xml and answer_noc.xml forms in the front-end.
  • Fixed Fixed permissions issue when editing private questions in the front-end.
  • Added Unassigned questions are automatically assigned to the first moderator that answers.
  • Added Moderators can change question/answer status in front-end forms.
  • Fixed Fixed bug when resetting answers votes in the back-end.
  • Added Content plugins can now be rendered inside the question page.
  • Added Added question content editor buttons in the back-end.
  • Changed Moderator and state assignment in question page are now submitted via ajax.
  • Added Added Open and Pending states in state assignment list in question page.
  • Changed Selected answer will now appear at the top of the answers list whatever the ordering.
  • Added Added new ordering tab for answers: Oldest.
  • Added Added new Section parameter:
    • -- Question > Answers > Answer form: You can now display the answer form inside the question page.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Removed Removed left navigation from question and answer forms.
  • Changed Small changes in admin interface.
  • Added You can now set the question access level in the back-end.
  • Fixed Fixed bug in topic dropdown select list in the back-end.
  • Added Added new configuration parameter:
    • -- Profile > Include sections: Displays questions and answers from specific sections only.
  • Added Added new Section parameters:
    • -- Options > Topics Tree > Show images: Displays images for first-level topics.
    • -- Question > Answers > Ordering direction: Select ordering direction for Recent answers.
    • -- Question > Answers > Ordering tabs: Show or hide ordering tabs for answers.
  • Added Added new parameter for Questions menu item:
    • -- Filter sections: Displays questions from specific sections only.
  • Fixed Load more button is now displayed only if there are more questions/answers.
  • Fixed Ask a Question button is now displayed even when the Topic title is disabled.
  • Added The Question ID is now displayed in the question page.
  • Fixed Fixed bug with private questions in user profile page.
  • Fixed Fixed bug in router.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed issue where questions submitted from back-end would lead to 404 errors in multi-language websites.
  • Fixed Sections: Show only sections and topics of current language.
  • Fixed Section: Show only questions from topics of current language.
  • Fixed Popular topics: Show only topics of current language.
  • Fixed Popular questions: Show only questions from topics of current language.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Added Added new parameters in Sections menu item:
    • -- Show top navigation: Show or hide the top navigation.
    • -- Topics image: Show or hide the topics images in forum layout.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where topics did not display in top navigation when the left navigation was disabled.
  • Added You can now show the question content without truncation in Discussions theme.
  • Fixed Fixed issue with finder plugin when changing topic state in back-end.
Posted 9 months ago


Version 3.9.0 is a major update that will alter the database table structure of the component. This update is irreversible. You are strongly advised to make a backup of your installation before you update the extension.

This update introduces a lot of new features and parameters. You may need to re-configure the sections and/or topics parameters.

  • Added New database tables:
    • -- minitek_faqbook_answers
    • -- minitek_faqbook_customfields
    • -- minitek_faqbook_customfields_topics
    • -- minitek_faqbook_customstates
  • Added New section parameters:
    • -- Browse Topics link: Displays a link that loads the topics tree.
    • -- Show questions: Displays questions from a specific topic or from all topics.
    • -- Group method: Merges questions of topic and subtopics into a single group.
    • -- Ordering type: Questions ordering can now be static or dynamic.
    • -- Dynamic ordering: Added ordering tabs for dynamic questions ordering.
    • -- Theme: There are now 2 questions themes, FAQ and Discussions.
    • -- Answers count: You can now display number of answers for each question.
    • -- State labels: You can now display labels for question states.
  • Added Topics can now have public and private questions.
  • Added Users may submit public or private questions without logging in.
  • Added Not registered users may access their private questions with secret key.
  • Added Questions can be assigned to moderators.
  • Added Profile page for registered users.
  • Added Custom fields for questions, assignable to different topics.
  • Added Front-end questions management for moderators.
  • Added Questions may have multiple answers, submitted by users.
  • Added New types of email notifications and email templates.
  • Added New layout for sections page: Forum.
  • Added New menu items:
    • -- Questions management
    • -- User profile
    • -- Question form
  • Added New types of user permissions.
  • Added Custom question states.
  • Added Questions may be pinned at the top of the list.
  • Added Front-end tools for questions management.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Changed Redesigned back-end interface.
  • Changed Cleaned up language files.
  • Removed Removed deprecated code from front-end and back-end files.
  • Removed Removed votes view from back-end, in preparation for new voting system in upcoming versions.
Posted 10 months ago
  • Alpha Updated js file to prevent javascript conflicts.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Updated js file to prevent javascript conflicts.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Alpha Alpha version for Joomla! 4.0.0-alpha11.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Added Joomla modules can now be loaded inside Topic descriptions.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Alpha Alpha version for Joomla! 4.0.0-alpha8.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed 'invalid-token' error when Joomla cache is enabled.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Added Added two new section parameters: "Section class" and "Section image".
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Popular questions in section view are now ordered by number of hits (views) instead of number of votes.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug in Joomla 3.9.1 where publish/unpublish actions would not work in back-end.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug when saving a topic in the back-end in Joomla 3.9.0.
Posted 2 years ago