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Minitek Live Search

  • Added Added ordering by title in search results.
  • Added Added option to display a placeholder filter image when items don't have images.
  • Added You can now add an active search term on page load.
  • Changed Small changes in back-end.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where children nodes in filters had the same id.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where pagination in modules would not work when there was no menu item selected in the form field Search menu item.


This version contains new features that are not compatible with template overrides from older versions. Template overrides must be recreated from the new files.

Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Added Added search form parameters:
    • Modal window title
    • Modal button text
  • Added Added link to My Saved Searches menu item.
  • Changed Render modal via Joomla bootstrap.renderModal method.
  • Changed Changed front-end css.
  • Changed Removed asset_id column from database and changed default values for columns checked_out and checked_out_time.
  • Changed Cleaned up model files.
  • Fixed Updated calendar fields for php 8.1.
  • Fixed Fixed bug in pagination links when there are active filters in url.
  • Fixed Fixed error in dashboard when Minitek Live Search Module is not installed.
Posted 1 month ago
  • Changed Renamed Searches Log to Search Terms.
  • Added Added configuration parameter: Visible children nodes.
  • Added Logged in users can now save their searches.
Posted 2 months ago
  • Added Added active filters.
  • Added Added new search form layout: Modal.
Posted 3 months ago
  • Changed Exclude taxonomies, date and url from term highlighting.
  • Changed Small changes in sidebar filters ui.
  • Added Added form parameter Visible children nodes to limit the number of visible children nodes for each filter.
Posted 4 months ago
  • Changed Small changes in front-end styling.
  • Changed Changed Compact layout to Dropdown.
  • Added Added template file for dates filters.
  • Added Added template file for content maps filters.
  • Added Filters can now be displayed in sidebar.
  • Added Added new Configuration and Search form parameters:
    • Form > Form class
    • Form > Empty search content
    • Filters > Position
    • Filters > Keep filters open
  • Fixed Fixed issue with filters hidden nodes.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where logging would not work when terms highlighting was disabled.
Posted 6 months ago
  • Added Added option to display result taxonomy.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where the highlight url parameter was added to the url even when terms highlight was disabled.
Posted 6 months ago
  • Added Added support for results images.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Added Added new Configuration and Search form parameters:
    • Form > Search query link
    • Form > Search query menu item
  • Fixed Adjusted query for multi-language websites.
  • Fixed Fixed table sortings in back-end maps view.
  • Changed Small layout changes in back-end views.
  • Changed Small changes in front-end css.
  • Changed Various changes in front-end JavaScript.
Posted 11 months ago
  • Changed Replaced menu items and module parameters with Search Forms.
  • Changed Small changes in front-end css.
Posted 11 months ago
  • Changed Removed module parameters and replaced with form id.
Posted 11 months ago
  • Added Added file media/js/highlight.js.
  • Added Added configuration parameter General > Word match to allow for fuzzy word matching.
  • Fixed Sort content maps admin list by language.
  • Fixed Execute function clearInput when removing all search terms.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where the search in the module would not be limited within the filters group content maps when no filters had been selected.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where the search field x icon would display when all characters in the search field had been deleted before the last form submission had finished.
  • Changed Log search only if the term exists in database index.
  • Changed Move class MinitekLiveSearchIndexerQuery to admin/src/Indexer/Query and use namespace.
  • Changed Highlight terms via JavaScript.
  • Changed CSS changes in front-end.
  • Changed Changed back-end translations and icons.
  • Changed CSS changes in admin dashboard.
  • Changed Replaced logo image.
Posted 11 months ago
  • Added Added new configuration parameter: Load Bootstrap CSS.
  • Changed Inherit some colors from template.
  • Changed Move suggestions panel inside search bar.
  • Changed Display popular terms and search suggestions in a dropdown list.
  • Changed Display message when filters group does not contain filters.
  • Changed Replaced spin.js with Bootstrap 5 spinner icon.
  • Changed Use Bootstrap 5 classes in back-end dashboard.
  • Changed Various front-end layout and styling changes.
  • Fixed Cleaned up excess white-space from template files.
  • Fixed Fixed javascript error when search suggestions are disabled.
  • Fixed Load back-end assets only if component is com_miniteklivesearch.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Prevent double form submission when selecting filters.
  • Fixed When selecting a filter type, check all children only if there are no children checked already.
  • Changed Refactored FilterHelper.
  • Removed Removed filters group parameter Has types.
  • Removed Removed filter parameter Content type label.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Added Added new menu item parameter Select ordering.
  • Added Added new menu item parameter Select results per page.
  • Added Added new menu item parameter Search tips content.
  • Added Added new configuration parameter Popular searches.
  • Added Added missing language string.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Added Added new menu item parameter Select ordering.
  • Added Added new menu item parameter Select results per page.
  • Added Added new menu item parameter Search tips content.
  • Added Added configuration option to append search parameters to URL and add an entry to the browser's session history stack.
  • Added Display popular search terms in the front-end.
  • Fixed Fixed javascript errors when using orphan filters.
  • Changed Updated configuration options translations.
  • Changed Use Joomla translations for branch titles.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Small changes in menu item parameters.
  • Changed Small changes in filtersgroup form options.
  • Changed Small changes in configuration options.
  • Changed Updated dashboard alert box.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed issue with item links in search results.
  • Fixed Fixed javascript errors in filter page.
  • Fixed Fixed bug with duplication of update message.
  • Changed Small changes in index page.
  • Changed Small changes in admin dashboard.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Updated back-end for Joomla 4.0.0-RC1.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Assets are now loaded via WebAssetRegistry.
  • Changed Moved all assets to media directory.
  • Changed Use Joomla addScriptOptions method to add JavaScript options.
  • Removed Removed jQuery dependency.
  • Changed Small improvements in back-end user interface.
Posted 1 year ago