Minitek Live Search

  • Changed Force lowercase characters in search input.
  • Changed Term suggestion will now work for whole phrase only.
  • Fixed Fixed notices in front-end when there are no filters.
  • Fixed Fixed typo in Filtersgroup model name.
  • Fixed Added default value for group_id in filter table.
Posted 1 month ago
  • Added Added new back-end view: Search Terms.
  • Added Added new configuration parameter: Gather Search Statistics.
  • Removed Removed unnecessary includes from back-end files.
  • Added Added new auto-suggest feature.
Posted 2 months ago
  • Removed Removed configuration parameter "Search Suggestions".
  • Changed Updated back-end to Bootstrap 5.
Posted 2 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed sql error when there are specific content types selected in menu item or module but there is no selected filter group.
Posted 4 months ago
  • Beta Beta version for Joomla! 4.0.0-beta4.
Posted 5 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug when searching for multiple words in Joomla articles data source.
Posted 6 months ago
  • Beta Beta version for Joomla! 4.0.0-beta1.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed issue with case-insensitive comparison of non-english characters for Joomla Categories names.
Posted 12 months ago


You must first update FAQ Book Pro to version 3.9.x, before installing this update.

  • Changed Updated for FAQ Book Pro v3.9.0.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Alpha Alpha version for Joomla! 4.0.0-alpha11.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug in FAQ Book data source when using multiple languages.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed data source incompatibility with latest version of Virtuemart.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug in Joomla 3.9.1 where publish/unpublish actions would not work in back-end.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Added Added support for images stored in Amazon S3 for album covers.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Added Added support for images stored in Amazon S3 for users, groups and events avatars.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed problem where the live search would generate an error if the php extension mime_content_type did not exist.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Changed Small changes in admin interface.
  • Added You can now change the source type of existing instances.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug in module template file.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Changed Moved HTML from models to views.
  • Removed Removed separate views for different content types.
  • Added You can now create template overrides for both the component and the module.
  • Removed Removed redundant code from javascript file.
  • Changed Changed content types titles.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug where the search did not retrieve correct results when searching for multiple words.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Changed Small changes in admin layout.
  • Changed Items are now loaded dynamically in "All Results" page, without redirecting to the specific component instance page.
  • Removed Raw views have been removed.
  • Added Added parameter to disable instances filters in component results page.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug where results from not selected categories were displaying when the Search in parameter was set to: Exact phrase.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Changed Small modification in content helper file for better parsing of inline images.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed 500 server error when creating a new instance if Virtuemart was not installed.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Changed Loader gif images have been replaced by spinner.js.
  • Added Added two module layouts: 'Compact' and 'Wide'.
  • Changed Added a maximum height to the module results container.
  • Added Added field in data source to search for: a. Any words, b. All words, c. Exact phrase.
Posted 3 years ago