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4.4.0 (pro)


This version requires all source plugins to be updated to version 4.4.0. The component will not work properly if the source plugins are not up to date. You must first update the component and then update all source plugins.

  • Added Added support for source plugins:
    • Minitek Source - Videos
    • Minitek Source - Audio
  • Added Added support for current category for Minitek Source - Content plugin.
  • Added Added update messages in back-end dashboard.
  • Removed Removed widget parameter Item count.
  • Changed Refactored model and libraries.
  • Changed Small changes in front-end css.
  • Fixed Fixed issue with modal window title in Bootstrap templates.
  • Fixed Fixed issue when sorting items where titles had accented characters.


This version contains new features that are not compatible with template overrides from older versions. Template overrides must be recreated from the new files.

Posted 11 months ago