Responsive Scroller for Articles

  • Fixed Fixed bug with multiple module instances when Joomla cache was enabled.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Changed Updated owl carousel library to version 2.
  • Fixed Fixed bug with missing images when special characters were used in image folder names.
  • Changed Image is now a link when the hover box is disabled.
  • Changed Fancybox has been replaced by Lightbox.
  • Added Added option to select between author username and real name.
Posted 4 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed issue where the module output was not being cached.
  • Fixed Small fix in front-end layout.
Posted 5 years ago
  • Fixed Small fix in frontend css.
Posted 5 years ago
  • Changed Changed method of javascript inclusion to prevent conflicts in some installations.
  • Changed Better parsing of inline images.
  • Added You can now select a fallback image for articles without images.
  • Added Images can now be cropped to dimensions larger than the original dimensions.
  • Added You can now select not to strip introtext HTML tags.
  • Added Content plugins can now be rendered inside the items introtext.
  • Fixed Fixed data source bug when displaying featured articles.
Posted 5 years ago
  • Added Module template can now be overriden in the html directory of your template.
Posted 5 years ago
  • Changed Font Awesome is now loaded over https.
  • Changed Removed external jQuery library.
Posted 6 years ago
  • Added New, updated and more powerful custom filtering for data source.
  • Changed Updated javascript library.
  • Changed Is installed as mod_responsive_scroller_for_articles. Older versions were installed as mod_responsive_scroller.
Posted 6 years ago
  • Added Added option to select introtext inline images.
Posted 6 years ago
  • Changed Updated backend to Joomla 3.3 framework.
Posted 6 years ago
  • Fixed Minor fixes in module backend.
Posted 7 years ago
  • Changed Minor framework updates.
Posted 7 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug in title word limit.
Posted 7 years ago
  • Version 3.1.0 is released.
Posted 7 years ago