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  • Fixed Fixed bug in method getStaticTags.
Posted 3 weeks ago
  • New version for Minitek Wall 4.4.0 and Minitek Slider 4.4.0.
Posted 1 month ago
  • Added Added support for displaying videos & images in the same widget.
Posted 1 month ago
  • Added Added support for search filter.
  • Added Added support for date filters format.
  • Added Fallback image will now work when displaying items videos too.
Posted 2 months ago
  • Added Added logical operator for multiple static tag filters.
  • Added Added support for items videos.
  • Changed Small changes to widget form.
Posted 2 months ago
  • Added Added support for multiple date filters.
Posted 5 months ago
  • Added Added alias value in static filters arrays.
  • Changed Replaced all accented UTF-8 characters in titles by ASCII-7 equivalents.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where static date filters would produce an error for some date ordering options.
Posted 5 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed error messages about filters in Minitek Slider.
  • Fixed Navigator images in Minitek Slider will display even when items images are disabled.
  • Added Show all categories or tags as static filters if the respective data source fields are empty.
Posted 9 months ago
  • Added Added new Data source > Joomla Categories parameters:
    • Categories
    • Children categories
    • Tags
    • Date range
    • Start date
    • End date
  • Added Added support for filters ordering and static filters.
  • Changed Use introtext image if there is no inline image.
Posted 10 months ago
  • Changed Updated script for getting items images.
  • Changed Updated language file.
  • Changed Added option to disable category and links.
Posted 11 months ago
  • Added Added new data source parameter: Offset.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Added Added support for items tags in the front-end.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed deprecated message for PHP 8 (required parameters after optional parameters).
  • Changed Updated README file.
  • Changed Small changes in language file.
  • Removed Removed field Content type title.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Changed Account for navigator border (minitek slider) when cropping images.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Beta Beta version for Joomla! 4.0.0-beta4.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Beta Beta version for Joomla! 4.0.0-beta1.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Alpha Alpha version for Joomla! 4.0.0-alpha12.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Added Added new data source parameter: Author Filtering Type.
  • Changed You can now select multiple authors in the data source parameter Authors.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Updated for Joomla! 4.0.0-alpha11.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Alpha Added support for Minitek Slider.
Posted 3 years ago