System - Content Notifications

  • Fixed Fixed issue with name validation when using non-latin characters.
Posted 6 months ago
  • Removed Removed deprecated code.
Posted 11 months ago
  • Fixed Fixed broken link in subscription verification email.
Posted 1 year ago
  • Fixed Fixed bug where shortcode would not display in front-end when editing an article.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Added Added new popup message position: screen center.
  • Added Popup message colors can now be configured through the plugin parameters.
Posted 2 years ago
  • Fixed Option to delete old notification events does not appear when there is no pending notification event.
Posted 3 years ago
  • Changed Guest subscription verification return url is now encoded (base64).
Posted 3 years ago
  • Fixed Fixed user permissions for front-end actions.
Posted 4 years ago
  • Initial release of System - Content Notifications.
Posted 4 years ago