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1.1.0 (free)

  • Fixed Fixed positioning of navigation bullets.
  • Added Added new widget parameter: Overlay arrows.
  • Removed Removed slider navigator.
  • Fixed Fixed issue where the slider would not display if items did not have images.
  • Changed Cleaned-up javascript file; Removed all instances of the jQuery keyword.
  • Removed Removed deprecated about page.
  • Changed Improvements in front-end css.
  • Changed Changed path for field and metabox partial files.
  • Added Added dashboard admin menu item and page.
  • Changed Refactored back-end slider metabox partial files.
  • Fixed Take offset into account when counting all items.
  • Removed Removed deprecated functions from MSlider_Data class.
  • Changed Refactored data source parameters.
  • Changed Updated text strings in slider parameters.
  • Changed Refactored admin js file.
  • Removed Removed div with class mslider-item-cover from all template files.
Posted 1 year ago