How to display a K2 extra field in Minitek modules?

You can use the following method to display a specific K2 extra field in any of our K2 modules:

  1. Create a module override in your template. Note that you must copy all the files from the module /tmpl folder to the template override folder.

    For example, for the module Responsive Scroller for K2, you must copy the files:

    • /tmpl/default.php
    • /tmpl/default_caption.php
    • /tmpl/default_light.php
    • /tmpl/default_minimal.php
    • /tmpl/default_modern.php
    • /tmpl/default_retro_dark.php
    • /tmpl/default_retro_light.php


    • /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/mod_responsive_scroller_for_k2/

    You can learn more about Joomla! template overrides at!_core.

  2. Inside the template theme file (depends on the selected theme in the module parameters), after the line:

    defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');

    add this line:

    $k2obj = new K2ModelItem();
  3. After the line:

    <?php foreach($items as $key=>$item) { ?>

    add this line:

    <?php $fields = $k2obj->getItemExtraFields($item->extra_fields, $item); ?>
  4. Now you can add the following line anywhere in the file to display the value of a specific K2 extra field:

    <?php echo $item->extraFields->FIELD_ALIAS->value; ?>

    where FIELD_ALIAS is the extra field alias.

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