Responsive Scroller for K2


Before installing the extension, you must check your website for existing javascript errors.

Responsive Scroller for K2 is a responsive scroller that allows you to show K2 articles with a set amount of scrolling items.

The size and amount of scrolling items will automatically adjust depending on the browser and screen size. The module features 6 preset themes and is fully customizable.

To install Responsive Scroller for K2

  1. Login to Joomla administrator control panel
  2. Go to Extensions > Manage
  3. Click on Upload Package File
  4. Select the zip file of the extension and click on Upload & Install
  5. Go to Extensions > Modules and search for Responsive Scroller for K2
  6. Under the tab Module select a position for the module and set the Status as Published
  7. Under the tab Menu Assignment assign the module to the menu items where you want it to display.


    If you assign the module to a menu item of type K2 Items or K2 Categories, the module will still display when you click on an article link. If you don't want the module to be displayed inside an article page, you must not assign it to those menu items.

Data Source

Under the tab Data Source you have the option to select Custom Filtering or Specific Items.

Custom Filtering:

With the Custom Filtering you can filter articles by:

  1. Categories
  2. Tags

If you leave the above 2 fields empty then all articles will be selected. Keep in mind that the 2 above filters work in conjunction with each other. That means that if you select a Category called Category 1 and a tag called Tag 1 then the module will show articles that belong to the category Category 1 and at the same time they have the tag Tag 1.

If you also want to retrieve items from the children categories of the selected categories you must enable the field Child Category Articles.

In the field Items count you can limit the total items shown in the module. Default is 8.


You can also configure the module to hide or show Featured articles, filter articles by date by selecting a time range or fetch only items with videos.

Additionaly you can exclude specific articles from the module in the field Exclude Items by entering the articles id's separated by commas.

Finally you can change the articles ordering in the module in the field Items Ordering.


Specific Items:

If you want to display specific items in the module you must select the option Specific Items in the field Source.

Then add the items of your choice in the field Add Items. If you want to change the items ordering just drag the items to re-order them.


Basic Settings

Theme: Select one of the available themes.

Items spacing: Spacing between items (in pixels).

Image width: The module will crop the images to this width (in pixels).

Image height: The module will crop the images to this height (in pixels).

K2 Image size: The module will use this K2 image when cropping images.


The module stores the cropped images to the folder root/images/rsck2/. When you change the images of the K2 items, the changes are not immediately reflected to the module because the module is using the cropped images stored at root/images/rsck2/. In this case, you must download, install and publish the plugin Minitek K2 Tools. This plugin will automatically update the images in the cache folder everytime an image is changed in a K2 item.

Title limit: Limits the total count of words in the item title.

Introtext limit: Limits the total count of words in the item introtext.

Date format: Enter a date format. You can learn more here: PHP Date Manual.

Effects Settings

Slide speed: Slide speed in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second).

Pagination speed: Pagination speed in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second).

Rewind speed: Rewind speed in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second).

Autoplay: Advances automatically to next item/page.

Autoplay speed: Autoplay speed in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second).

Stop on hover: Stops autoplay on mouse hover.


Navigation arrows: Display Next and Previous buttons.

Rewind to start: Slide back to first item when reaching the last item.

Scroll per page: Scroll per page not per item. This affects Next and Previous buttons and Mouse, Touch dragging.

Pagination bullets: Display pagination buttons.

Pagination numbers: Show numbers inside pagination buttons.

Drag and scroll: Enable/disable mouse/touch dragging.


Responsive levels

  With the parameters of this section you can configure the number of visible items per screen size.

Responsive layout: Enable/disable responsive layout.

LG items per row: Items per row for Large Screens (large desktop).

LG size: Size limit for Large Screens (in pixels). Under this limit, the MD items per row will be applied.

MD items per row: Items per row for Medium Screens (medium desktop).

MD size: Size limit for Medium Screens (in pixels). Under this limit, the SM items per row will be applied.

SM items per row: Items per row for Small Screens (tablet).

SM size: Size limit for Small Screens (in pixels). Under this limit, the XS items per row will be applied.

XS items per row: Items per row for Extra Small Screens (small tablet/landscape phone).

XS size: Size limit for Phone Screens (in pixels). Under this limit, the Phone items per row will be applied.

Phone items per row: Items per row for Phones.


Advanced settings

Load jQuery library: Enable this parameter only if you experience javascript conflicts on the page. It is disabled by default.

Load PHP Thumb Factory: The PHP Thumb Factory is responsible for all image cropping operations. Do not disable it unless it is already used by another extension.

Load Fancybox: Enable the Fancybox only if you have also enabled the parameter Show hover fancybox icon in Basic settings.

Load Font Awesome: If your template uses the Font Awesome library you can safely disable this parameter.

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