Responsive Slider for K2

Responsive Slider for K2 is an impressive, feature-rich and elegant responsive slider for K2 articles.

It is a simple and elegant jQuery image gallery and content slider with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices.

To install Responsive Slider for K2

  1. Login to Joomla administrator control panel
  2. Go to Extensions > Manage
  3. Click on Upload Package File
  4. Select the zip file of the extension and click on Upload & Install
  5. Go to Extensions > Modules and search for Responsive Slider for K2
  6. Under the tab Module select a position for the module and set the Status as Published
  7. Under the tab Menu Assignment assign the module to the menu items where you want it to display.


    If you assign the module to a menu item of type K2 Items or K2 Categories, the module will still display when you click on an article link. If you don't want the module to be displayed inside an article page, you must not assign it to those menu items.

Data Source

Under the tab Data Source you have the option to select Custom Filtering or Specific Items.

Custom Filtering:

With the Custom Filtering you can filter articles by:

  1. Categories
  2. Tags

If you leave the above 2 fields empty then all articles will be selected. Keep in mind that the 2 above filters work in conjunction with each other. That means that if you select a Category called Category 1 and a tag called Tag 1 then the module will show articles that belong to the category Category 1 and at the same time they have the tag Tag 1.

If you also want to retrieve items from the children categories of the selected categories you must enable the field Child Category Articles.

In the field Items count you can limit the total items shown in the module. Default is 8.


You can also configure the module to hide or show Featured articles, filter articles by date by selecting a time range or fetch only items with videos.

Additionaly you can exclude specific articles from the module in the field Exclude Items by entering the articles id's separated by commas.

Finally you can change the articles ordering in the module in the field Items Ordering.


Specific Items:

If you want to display specific items in the module you must select the option Specific Items in the field Source.

Then add the items of your choice in the field Add Items. If you want to change the items ordering just drag the items to re-order them.



The module is not optimized for RTL (Right-to-Left) layouts. Some of the effects may not work properly in RTL templates.

The module does not create links for the items. The extension will only use the existing links that are found in your website. Therefore, if the links in the extension are not correct, this means that you have not properly configured your menu items.

You must create a menu item for each one of the items categories. For example, if the extension displays Joomla articles, you must create a menu item for each Joomla category. If the extension displays K2 items, you must create a menu item for each one of the K2 categories, etc.


Your website page must be completely javascript error-free before you enable our extensions. None of our extensions will work on a page with javascript errors. We don't offer support if your page has existing javascript errors. An existing javascript error is an error that existed before enabling any of our extensions. You must first fix all existing javascript errors before asking for support.

How do I know if my website has existing javascript errors?

Do the following to see if your website has existing javascript errors:

  1. Unpublish all Minitek extensions.

  2. Disable cache in your website and then purge all the cached pages.

  3. Open your website with Chrome Web Browser.

  4. Go to the page in question (all Minitek extensions must be disabled).

  5. Hit F12 on the keyboard. The DevTools window will open at the bottom of the browser window.

  6. When the DevTools window opens, click on the tab 'Console'.

  7. Now hit F5 so that the browser reloads the page.

  8. If everything is normal and there are no javascript errors present, you will not see any error messages in the console window.

  9. If there are javascript errors in your page, you will see those errors in the console window:

What to do now?

Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help you if your page has existing javascript errors caused by 3rd party extensions or templates. You must fix all the errors before enabling our extensions. If you still have problems with the layout after you have fixed all existing javascript errors, please open a ticket and we'll look into it.

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