Minitek System Messages


Before installing the extension, you must check your website for existing javascript errors.

Minitek System Messages is a plugin that replaces the default Joomla system messages with pop-up messages that don't obstruct the work flow. In addition to Joomla default messages, the plugin also informs the user after a successful login and when the user session has expired.

To install Minitek System Messages

  1. Login to Joomla administrator control panel.
  2. Go to 'Extensions' > 'Manage' > 'Install'.
  3. Click on 'Upload Package File'.
  4. Browse the zip file of the extension.
  5. Go to 'Extensions' > 'Plugins' and search for 'System - Minitek System Messages'. Open the plugin and set the 'Status' to Enabled.


Enable in back-end: Enables the plugin in the administrator interface.

Enable in front-end: Enables the plugin in the website front-end.

Show message on Login: Notifies user after successful login on website front-end.

Joomla messages container id: The id of the Joomla system messages container. This container will be removed from the page.

Load jGrowl library: Loads the jQrowl javascript library. Don't disable unless you are already loading this library via another extension or template.

Load FontAwesome: Loads the FontAwesome icons library.

FontAwesome version: FontAwesome library version.


Pool: Limits the number of concurrent messages appearing at a given time. Excessive messages will be added to the queue and will be shown only when previous messages have expired. Enter '0' to display all messages.

[Close all] button: Display a [Close all] button when more than one message appear on the screen.

Sticky: If enabled, messages will stick to the screen until they are closed by the user.

Theme: Select one of the available themes.

Position: Position of messages on screen.

Add new message: Designates whether a new message should be appended to the container after all existing messages, or whether it should be prepended to the container before all messages.

Duration: The lifespan of non-sticky messages on the screen (in milliseconds).

Open duration: The animation speed when opening a new message (in milliseconds).

Close duration: The animation speed when closing a message (in milliseconds).

Group messages: Groups messages of the same type in one container.


Background color: Background color for the message container.

Text color: Text color for the message container.

Icon color: Message icon color.

Border color: Border color for the message container.

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