Trivia is a clean, stylish and professionally designed responsive Joomla template suitable for portfolios, blogs and magazines. The template supports K2 and uses our popular component Minitek Wall (Lite version).

  • PHP 5.3.10+

  • MySQl 5.1+ with InnoDB support

  • Apache 2.x+ with mod_mysql, mod_xml, mod_zlib

  • GD library support

  • cURL library support

  • Minimum PHP memory limit: 64MB

The template consists of the following files:

  • Quickstart package

  • Template file

  • T3 plugin

  • Minitek Wall Pro Lite - component

  • Minitek Wall Pro Lite - module

The template's Home page is created with the following modules:

  • Minitek Wall Pro Lite - module

  • Custom HTML - module

  • Menu - module

  • Joomla Search - module

The template offers two installation methods: the Manual installation and the Quickstart installation.

The Manual installation is preferred if you just want to install the template to an existing website which already has some content. However, keep in mind that when you install the template to an existing website, you will also have to reconfigure your modules because the new template has different module positions.

The Quickstart installation is the best solution if you are building a brand new website and you want to achieve the same look as the one in the template demo. The Quickstart zip file typically contains Joomla! as well as all extensions used in the demo of the template. All content, modules and menus are already configured exactly like in the template demo.

Quickstart Installation Guide
Manual Installation Guide
<div class="mn-parallax-background">
	<div class="container">
		<div class=" mn-parallax-inner">
			<div class="mn-parallax-title">
				<h2 class="duration2 mn-on-scroll animated fadeInUp delay1">WHO IS TRIVIA</h2>
			<div class="mn-parallax-desc">
				<p class="duration2 mn-on-scroll animated fadeInUp delay1">See what our Mission is and who we are</p>
<div class="mn-module-title">
	<h3 class="mn-module-title-up">CONNECT WITH US IN MANY WAYS</h3>
<div class="social-icons text-center">
		<li class="facebook"> <a class="facebook" href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a> </li>
		<li class="twitter"> <a class="twitter" href="#"><i class="fa fa-twitter"></i></a> </li>
		<li class="google-plus"> <a class="google-plus" href="#"><i class="fa fa-google-plus"></i></a> </li>
		<li class="linkedin"> <a class="linkedin" href="#"><i class="fa fa-linkedin-square"></i></a> </li>
		<li class="youtube"> <a class="youtube" href="#"><i class="fa fa-youtube"></i></a> </li>
		<li class="rss"> <a class="rss" href="#"><i class="fa fa-rss"></i></a> </li>

Check out the detailed documentation of the T3 Framework.

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