General Settings

When the Development mode is enabled in the template, the template is using the original less files located in the folder /templates/template_name/less/. When the Development mode is disabled, the template is using the css files located in the folder /templates/template_name/css/.

Whenever you want to make css changes to the template you must follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Development mode.

  2. Make your changes in the less files.

  3. Click on the LESS TO CSS button so that the updated css files are compiled.

  4. Disable the Development mode.

Enables and disables the ThemeMagic interface.

ThemeMagic is one of the outstanding features in T3 Framework that allows you to customize the template and create new themes.

This option will make your site compatible with Bootstrap 2. For example, you use some extensions that intergrates Bootstrap 2. To make the extensions work in your site, it will load some CSS of Bootstrap 2. It will load font awesome version 3 as well.

T3 is a responsive template framework. You can turn this feature on or off. When the option is disabled, your site is a non-responsive site and you can set the fixed width size for your site. Once it's disabled, all responsive files will not be loaded.

This is the file path where all compiled template files are stored. You should never make changes in these files as all files will be overwritten every time you click on the LESS TO CSS button.

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