Quickstart installation

The Quickstart package is a complete website. The Quickstart package installation is the best solution when you are building a brand new website and you want to achieve the same look as the one in the template demo. A Minitek Quickstart package typically contains the latest Joomla! stable version as well as all extensions used in the demo of the template. All content, modules and menus are already configured exactly like in the template demo.

  The Quickstart installation package does not contain any images that are shown in the template demo. All commercial images in the template are replaced by image placeholders due to license restrictions.
  1. Download the latest version of the Quickstart zip file from the Downloads section.

  2. Upload the Quickstart zip file to your server and then extract it. The zip file must be uploaded to the folder where you will install your website.

  3. Via the control panel of your hosting account, create a new database and assign a user to this database.

  4. Enter the url of your website domain in the browser address bar. If all previous steps have been successfully completed, you will be redirected to the Quickstart Installation Wizard.

  1. Site name: Enter the name of your Joomla! site.

  2. Description: Enter a description of the overall Web site that is to be used by search engines. Generally, a maximum of 20 words is optimal.

  3. Admin email: Enter an email address. This will be the email address of the Web site Super Administrator.

  4. Admin username: Set the username for your Super Administrator account.

  5. Admin password: Set the password for your Super Administrator account.

  6. Confirm admin password: Confirm the password for your Super Administrator account.

  7. Click on Next after you have completed all required fields.

  1. Database type: Set this option to MySQLi.

  2. Host name: This is usually localhost. If you are not sure about the Host name you must contact your hosting provider.

  3. Username: This is the username of the user that you assigned earlier to the newly created database.

  4. Password: This is the password of the user that you assigned earlier to the newly created database.

  5. Database name: The name of the database that you created in earlier steps.

  6. Table prefix: Choose a table prefix or use the randomly generated. Ideally, three or four characters long, contains only alphanumeric characters and must end in an underscore. Make sure that the chosen prefix is not used by other tables.

  7. Old database process: Any existing backup tables from former Joomla! installations will be replaced (backed up or removed).

  8. Click on Next after you have completed all required fields.

At the last step of the installation, you must select Default English (GB) Sample Data if you want the Demo content to be installed in your website. If you select None, only Joomla will be installed.

Finally, click on Install.

When the installation is complete, click on Remove installation folder.

Congratulations! The Quickstart package is now installed and you can visit the frontend or backend of your website.

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