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The subscription buttons visibility and functionality can be independently configured for each separate user group in the component permissions settings.

Action: View Subscribe buttons

If this setting is disabled, the subscription box will not be available for users of this user group.

Action: Subscribe

If this setting is disabled, users of this user group will not be able to subscribe even if the subscription box is visible.

Subscriptions for Guests

If guests (non-logged in users) are allowed to subscribe, instead of the Follow and Block buttons, they will see two text inputs (for name & email) as well as the Subscribe & Unsubscribe buttons. Both the name and the email are required for subscribing. The name is not required when unsubscribing. Note that guests can't block objects, they can only follow them when they subscribe.

After clicking on the Subscribe or Unsubscribe button, guests will see a popup message prompting them to check their email for a verification message. For the subscribe and unsubscribe actions to be executed, users must click on the verification link in the email. Verification links don't expire.

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