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Sending emails

Emails are sent to subscribers automatically via Scheduled tasks.

Send emails - command line (wget)

wget -O --max-redirect=10000 /dev/null ""

where YOUR_PASSWORD is the password that you entered previously in the component configuration.


Before setting up the scheduled task for sending emails, you must first go to the component Configuration > Scheduled Tasks and find the field Emails per batch.

Most hosting providers limit the number of allowed outgoing emails sent per hour. You must contact your hosting provider to learn about the limits applied to your hosting account.

Bypassing the allowed limit of outgoing emails could result in the suspension of your hosting account. The value in the field Emails per batch represents the number of emails that will be sent each time the scheduled task is executed; it does not represent the number of emails sent per hour. So, if you enter the value 100 and set up the scheduled task to run every 10 minutes, you will end up sending 100 * (60 / 10) = 600 emails per hour.

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