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Pagination type
Select the pagination buttons type.
Questions limit
The number of questions per page.
Answers limit Pro
The number of answers per page.
Add page to url Pro
Adds page number to url.
Secret key Pro
The secret key must have 16 characters (alphanumeric and special characters allowed) and is required when you want to allow guests to access and edit their questions via a secret hash. This key generates a unique secret hash for each question. The secret hash will be emailed to the user upon submitting a new guest question.
Obfuscate emails Pro
Hides email addresses in usernames.
Fix relative links
Enable this parameter if the links and images in questions content don't work properly.
Load FontAwesome
Enable the FontAwesome icons library.
Load Bootstrap CSS
Loads the Bootstrap 5 css file that is included in Joomla 4.
Enable version checking
Enable automatic version checking in the component dashboard.

Profile Pro

See Profile.

Question Form Pro

See Question form.

Answer Form Pro

Auto-publish answers
Enable answers auto-publishing.
Enable Captcha
Enable form reCaptcha protection.

Attachments Pro

See Attachments.

Notifications Pro

See Email notifications.

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