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Free vs Pro

Free Pro
Each section serves as an independent forum
Different configuration per section
Display topics tree
Display popular topics
Display popular questions
Multi-level nested topics
Topics may serve as static content or as question containers
Front-end question submission
Granular permission levels
Assign moderators per topic
3 topic themes
Ajax pagination (load more button)
Topics votes
Public questions
Private questions
Users may submit questions as guests
Guests may access their private questions with secret key
Static ordering
Dynamic ordering
2 question themes
Questions can be assigned to moderators
Custom fields for questions, assignable to different topics
Custom question types
Questions attachments
Front-end questions management
Users may submit answers to questions
Answer templates
Answers attachments
Questions votes
Answers votes
Questions permalinks
reCAPTCHA protection
Email notifications
Customizable email templates
Moderators are notified for new questions and answers
Moderators are notified for questions assigned to them
Users are notified for answers to their questions
Ajax top navigation
Ajax left menu with smart navigation
Slide menu
Accordion menu
Menu Items
Specific sections
Single section
Single topic
User profile
Questions management
Question form
Responsive layout
Back-end Access Control List (ACL)
Multilingual support
Search engine friendly URLs
Joomla Smart Search integration
Minitek Live Search integration (sold separately)

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