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Custom fields

Custom fields allow you to collect additional information from users when they submit new questions. Custom fields for submitted questions are visible to users that have permission to See Custom Fields and are editable for users that have permission to Edit. Pro

To create a new custom field:

  1. Go to Custom fields and click on New.

  2. Fill in the form fields:

    The custom field title. Will also be used as the field label in the front-end.
    Will be used as the field id in the question form. Use only lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and underscores. Do not use accented characters (e.g. à) or characters with diacretics (e.g. ł).
    The custom field type.
    Will be displayed under the field in the front-end. HTML is allowed.
    Whether this custom field is required or not.
    For text, textarea and date fields enter the placeholder text to be shown in the field. For checkbox fields this is ignored. For everything else, use the syntax VALUE=LABEL with one value/label pair per line.
    Default value
    Enter the default value for the custom field. For checkboxes you can enter on or off to select between on and off state respectively. For multiple select lists, enter a value per line.
    Show in
    Select whether the custom field will be visible for all topics or for specific topics only.
    Specific topics
    Select the specific topics where this custom field will be shown.
    Select publication status.
  3. Click on Save & Close.

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