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Guest questions

Questions may also be submitted by users that are not logged in. Pro

Configuring permissions

To allow guest users to submit new questions:

  1. Go to the component Dashboard and click on Configuration.

  2. Under the Permissions tab, enable the Create action for guest users.

  3. Click on Save & Close. Guest users will now be able to see the Ask a Question button in the front-end.

Submitting a question

When submitting a new question, guest users are required to enter their name and email. Upon submission, the user will receive a confirmation email that contains a secret Question hash. This secret hash is used to claim ownership of a guest question and authorize access to it. Without the Question hash, users will not be able to access their anonymous questions.


In order to automatically create the Question hash of guest questions, you must open the component global configuration and fill in the parameter General > Secret key. The secret key must have 16 characters (alphanumeric and special characters allowed). This key will generate a unique secret hash for each guest question.

Authorizing anonymous questions

To allow the authorization and access of anonymous questions for a section:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Sections and open a section.

  2. Under the Navigation tab, enable the parameter Authorize Question link.

  3. Click on Save & Close. The Authorize a Question button will now be visible in the front-end for guest users.

  4. Finally, create a Profile menu item.

Upon clicking the Authorize a Question button, the user is redirected to the authorization form, where they must enter the question hash in the respective field and then click on Authorize. If the question hash is valid, the user will be redirected to the question page and they will be authorized to edit their question.

Resending a question hash

To resend the question hash email to a guest user:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Questions.

  2. Select a question and click on the Send Hash button located at the toolbar.

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