Question form

Questions may also be submitted from the front-end. Pro

Form configuration

Before enabling the front-end question submission, you must configure the question form parameters.

  1. Go to Dashboard and click on "Configuration".

  2. Under the Question Form tab, configure the following parameters:

    Allow private questions: Enable or disable the submission of private questions. If enabled, users will be able to submit private questions only in topics where the parameter Questions visibility allows for private questions.

    Auto-publish questions: Enable or disable questions auto-publishing.

    Questions metadata: Enable or disable Metadata parameters tab in question form.

    Enable Captcha: Enable or disable form reCaptcha protection.

  3. Click on "Save & Close".

Configuring permissions

To allow users to submit new questions from the front-end:

  1. Go to Dashboard and click on "Configuration".

  2. Under the Permissions tab, enable the Create action for the user group that will be able to submit new questions.

  3. Go to Sections and open the section where users will be able to submit questions to. Under the Options tab, configure the parameter Question Form > Ask question button.

    The button can be displayed in the top navigation bar or an individual button can be displayed next to each topic title.

    If you have selected to display the button next to each topic title, you can disable it for specific topics by opening the topic in the back-end and disabling the Create action for specific user groups under the tab Permissions.

  4. Click on "Save & Close". You will now be able to see the button in the front-end.

Creating a menu item

A question form button (Ask a Question button) requires a menu item in order for the button link to work properly. To create a menu item for the button:

  1. Go to your preferred menu in Menu Manager and click on "New".

  2. In the field Menu Item Type select FAQ Book Pro > Question Form.

  3. Set the appropriate FAQ Book Pro section menu item as Parent Item.

  4. Click on "Save & Close".