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Sets the layout for the search form. The Dropdown layout is ideal when using the Minitek Live Search module, as the filters and results display in dropdown containers. The Modal layout requires Bootstrap 5.
Log search terms
Logs the search terms submitted by users.
Append to URL
Appends search parameters to URL and adds an entry to the browser's session history stack.
Word match
Sets how search terms are matched in the index. By default a word is matched exactly, but when a language supports compound words, this allows to match the search term to the beginning or to any position inside of words.
Search in titles only
Enables searching only in items titles.
Search placeholder
The placeholder text for the search input field.
Search suggestions
Displays search suggestions while the user is typing.
Popular searches
Displays the 10 most popular searches when the search input is focused.
Search query link
Redirects to the menu item selected in the field 'Search query menu item' while maintaining all current search parameters. Applies only when using the Minitek Live Search Module.
Search menu item
The Search query link and the saved searches will redirect to this menu item.
Search tips icon
Displays an icon that toggles the search tips content.
Search tips content
Custom content for search tips.
Empty search content
Custom content for an empty search.


Displays the filters (content maps).
Open filters container
Opens the filters container on page load.
Keep filters open
Groups of children nodes will be visible at all times.
Visible children nodes
Number of visible children nodes for each filter.
Filters max-height
Limits the filters container to this height (in pixels). Enter 0 for unlimited height. Only applies for Dropdown layout.
Active filters
Displays the active filters.
Date filters
Displays the start and end date filters.
Open date filters container
Opens the date filters container on page load.
Active date filters
Displays the active date filters.


Save searches
Allows users to save their searches.
Display messages
Select the type of messages when saving a search.
Alternative search terms
Suggests alternative search terms when a search does not produce any results (eg. 'Did you mean...').
Search terms
Displays the active search terms.
Pagination info
Displays the pagination info (eg. Page 1 of 4).
Scroll to top
Scrolls to the top of the form after clicking on a pagination link.
Results per page
Sets the default number of search results per page.
Select results per page
Allows users to select number of search results per page.
The field on which to sort the search results.
Ordering direction
The direction in which to sort the search results.
Select ordering
Allows users to select the ordering of search results.
Highlight search terms
Highlights search terms in search results.
Result image
Displays the result image only for smart search plugins that support items images.
Crop images
If enabled, the images will be cropped to the defined aspect ratio. The images will be cropped starting from the center of the image.


Cropped images are stored in PATH_TO_JOOMLA/images/mls/. If you change the images in some of the items displayed in the widget, you must click on Delete cropped images in the extension dashboard so that the images are refreshed.

Image max width
Maximum width in pixels for the result image.
Aspect ratio
The aspect ratio of the cropped images.
Result taxonomy
Displays the result taxonomy.
Result description
Displays the result description.
Description length
Description text for search results will be truncated to this character length.
Result date
Displays the result date.
Result URL
Displays the result URL.
Open in new tab
Designates whether the result will open in a new tab.


Indexing options can be configured via the Joomla Smart Search component configuration at Global Configuration > Smart Search > Index.


Load Font Awesome
Loads the Font Awesome icon library.
Load Bootstrap CSS
Loads the Bootstrap 5 css file that is included in Joomla 4.
Enable version checking
Checks for latest version. Disable if you experience problems with the back-end interface (slow loading times, unresponsive page etc).
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