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Running the indexer

The indexer scans the content on your website and builds an index that enables fast and intelligent searching. To run the indexer:

  1. Go to Components > Minitek Live Search > Index.

  2. Click on the Run Indexer button in the toolbar to start the indexer.

    Running the indexer

  3. A modal window will open. The window contains the indexer status information as well as a progress bar. Depending on the size of your site, the indexing process might take a few minutes to a few hours to complete. Do not close the modal window unless the process is complete.


    If the indexing process stops abruptly and the message An error has occured appears in the modal window, this means that one of the smart search plugins is not working properly.

    In this case, go to Extensions > Plugins and disable the smart search plugins one by one until you find the one that is causing the problem.

    Please note that we are not responsible for third-party smart search plugins and you should ask for support from the plugins developers.

    The indexer uses AJAX requests to complete the overall process in small chunks so as to avoid timeouts and memory problems. Indexing is complete when the progress bar disappears and you see a message indicating that it is now safe to close the modal window.

    Running the indexer

  4. Once the indexer has finished, closing the modal window will cause the page to refresh and update the list of indexed content. You can also exlude specific items from the search results by unpublishing them.


If your site has a large amount of content or particularly large content items, or has restricted disk space, you should read about Smart Search on large sites.

In this case, Minitek Live Search will require a large amount of disk space for the database tables, depending on the content being indexed. Make sure that your server has enough space to store the required amount of data.

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