Show images: Select whether you want to show the items images.

Enable image link: If enabled, clicking on the item image will redirect to the item page.

Crop images PRO: If this parameter is enabled, all images will be cropped to the specified dimensions. The images will be cropped starting from the center of the image.


If you have enabled the image cropping, you must go the component global configuration and enable the parameter Load PHP Thumb Library. The component stores the cropped images in the directory root/images/msliderimages/. If you change the images in some of the items displayed in the slider, you must click on "Delete cropped images" at the top right of the widgets page so that the images are refreshed.

Image width PRO: Image width in pixels. Cropping must be enabled.

Image height PRO: Image height in pixels. Cropping must be enabled.

Lazy load images PRO: Loads item image when the item is selected.

Parallax effect PRO: Works best with 1 or 2 items per page and with the items aligned at center.

Fallback image path PRO: Relative path to image. This image will be displayed if an item does not have an image. Leave blank if you don't want to display a fallback image.