Gather Search Statistics: Record the search phrases submitted by visitors.

Search Suggestions: Displays automatic search suggestions.

Advanced Tips: Displays advanced search tips.

Did you mean: Displays alternative search terms when a search does not produce results.

Show Search Terms: Displays active search terms.

Enable Map Filters: Enables content map filters.

Expand Map Filters: Displays content map filters box opened.

Show Active Filters: Displays active filters.

Enable Date Filters: Enables start and end date filters.

Expand Date Filters: Displays date filters box opened.

Show Active Date Filters: Displays active date filters.


Results per page: Amount of search results per page.

Result Description: Displays the description of each search result.

Description Length: Description text will be truncated to this character length.

Result Date: Displays the creation date of each search result.

Result URL: Displays the URL of each search result.

Open in new tab: Opens results links in a new browser tab.

Sort Field: The field on which search results are sorted.

Sort Direction: Sorts search results in the direction.

Highlight Search Terms: Highlights search terms in search results.


Load jQuery: Loads the Joomla jQuery JavaScript framework.

Load Font Awesome: Loads the Font Awesome icon library.

Enable version checking: Checks for latest version. Disable this parameter if you experience problems with the back-end interface (slow loading times, unresponsive page etc).