Creating filters

Now that you have created a filter group, it's time to create some filters.

To create a new filter:

  1. Go to Minitek Smart Search > Filters and click on New

    Creating filters
  2. Enter a title for the Filter and select a Content type


    This field limits search for this filter only to the selected content type. You can leave this empty if you don't want this filter to search in a specific type only. In this case you must assign the filter to a filter group where the field Filters type is set to Without content types.

  3. In the field Content type label enter a label for the content type of this filter. You can translate this text manually in Extensions > Language(s) > Overrides.


    This field is not required if you have not selected a content type in this filter.

  4. In the field Filters group select the filters group that this filter will belong to.

  5. In the field Hide children nodes select whether all children nodes (content maps) of this filter will be hidden.

  6. Now you must select the content maps that will be displayed in this filter. Note that the selected content maps must belong to the selected content type. For example, if the content type is "Articles", then you must select (check) content maps that belong to Joomla articles. If the content type is "K2 Items", then you must select (check) content maps that belong to K2 Items, etc.

  7. Click on "Save & Close"