Running the indexer

After you have reviewed the search plugins, it is time to start the Smart Search indexer. This will scan the content on your website and build an index that will enable fast and intelligent searching by your site visitors. To run the indexer use the following procedure:

  1. Log in to the Administrator
  2. Go to Components > Minitek Smart Search
  3. Click on the Index button in the toolbar to start the indexer.

    Running the indexer
  4. This will cause a modal window to load with some indexer status information and a progress bar. Depending on the size of your site, this can take a few minutes to a few hours to complete. Do not close the modal window unless the process is complete. The indexer uses AJAX requests to complete the overall process in small chunks so as to avoid timeouts and memory problems. Indexing is complete when the progress bar disappears and you see a message indicating that it is now safe to close the modal window.

    Running the indexer
  5. Once the indexer has finished, closing the modal window will cause the Indexed Content screen in the background to refresh with an updated list of all the indexed content. If you would prefer that specific items are not displayed in the search results, you can unpublish them from the Smart Search database by selecting the checkbox next to the title of the item and then pressing the Unpublish button.


If your site has a large amount of content, or particularly large content items, or has restricted disk space, you should read about Smart Search on large sites. Note that in this case, Minitek Smart Search will require a large amount of disk space for the database tables, depending on the amount of content being indexed.