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Insert new message
Designates whether a new message should be appended to the container after all existing messages, or whether it should be prepended to the container before all messages.
Limits the number of concurrent messages appearing at a given time. Excessive messages will be added to the queue and will be shown only when previous messages have expired. Enter 0 to display all messages.
If enabled, messages will stick to the screen until they are closed by the user.
The lifespan of non-sticky messages on the screen (in milliseconds).
Progress bar PRO
Whether the life time progress bar will be displayed for each notification.
Pause on hover
Pause non-sticky messages when hovering over the notifications container.
Hide if empty
Whether the panel layout wrapper will be hidden when there are no rendered notifications.
The animation effect when adding or removing notifications.
The rate of the animation's change over time.
Effect duration
The number of milliseconds each iteration of the animation takes to complete.
Group messages
Groups messages of the same type in one container.
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