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Free vs Pro

Free Pro
Data source


Articles, Categories
Image folder
RSS feed
Custom Items

FAQ Book

Questions, Topics
PDF files
Supports template overrides
17 preset grids
Custom grid designer
Configure items spacing & border
Display item images
Crop images to specific dimensions
Optional fallback image
Display item videos
Configure items independently according to size
Hover box
9 different transition effects
Customize hover box content
Ajax pagination
Load more button
Arrows buttons
Pages buttons
Infinite scroll
Configure number of pages
Configure number of items per page
Configure buttons colors
Filtering & Sorting
Category, tag and date filters
Search filter
Sort by title, date, hits
Dynamic filters
Static filters
Multiple filters
Url hash filters
Filters ordering
Responsive Layout
Configure layout separately for different screen sizes
Configure screen sizes break points
Masonry menu item
Place widget anywhere via module

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