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Images & Videos

Select whether you want to display images or videos in the widget. Videos iframes are retrieved automatically from the item description text. If you select Videos & Images, then images will be displayed only when there is no video for an item.
Enable image link
If enabled, clicking on the item image will redirect to the item page.
Fallback image path
Relative path to image. This image will be displayed if an item does not have an image. Leave blank if you don't want to display a fallback image.
Crop images
If this parameter is enabled, all images will be cropped to the specified dimensions. The images will be cropped starting from the center of the image.


Cropped images are stored in PATH_TO_JOOMLA/images/mwall/. If you change the images in some of the items displayed in the widget, you must click on Delete cropped images in the extension dashboard so that the images are refreshed.


In order to generate images for PDF files, you must make sure that ImageMagick is installed and enabled in your web server.

Image width
Image width in pixels. Cropping must be enabled.
Image height
Image height in pixels. Cropping must be enabled.
Preserve aspect ratio
If image cropping is disabled and columns layout is selected, images will preserve their original aspect ratio. For smaller screen sizes (smaller than Large screen), aspect ratio will be preserved only if screen layout type is set to Equal columns.
Full size image
If this parameter is enabled, the image will cover the whole item container and will be visible behind the detail box.
Hover opacity PRO
Enables opacity effect when hovering over an image. Accepts values from 0 to 1 with 2 decimals. Eg. 0.75 .
Hover scale PRO
Enables scaling effect when hovering over an image. Enter 1 to disable the effect.
Hover speed PRO
The speed of the hover effects, in milliseconds.
Hover easing PRO
The easing effect for the hover effects.
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