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Fade effect PRO
Fades between transitioning slides instead of moving. If enabled, will display only one item per slide, bypassing grouping of items.
Drag & Scroll
Enables scroll by dragging the slider.
Drag threshold
The number of pixels a mouse or touch has to move before dragging begins. Increase to allow for more wiggle room for vertical page scrolling on touch devices.
Selected attraction
Attracts the position of the slider to the selected cell. Higher attraction makes the slider move faster.
Slows the movement of the slider. Higher friction makes the slider feel stickier and less bouncy. Lower friction makes the slider feel loose and more wobbly.
Free Scroll
Free scroll allows you to scroll freely without transitioning between items.
Free Scroll friction
Slows the movement of the slider when free scroll is enabled.
Rewind to start
At the end of items, wrap-around to the other end for infinite scrolling. Has no effect if more items are loaded in the slider dynamically.
Contains items within the slider to prevent gaps at beginning or end. Has no effect if Rewind to start is enabled.
Group items PRO
Groups items together in slides. Flicking, page bullets and previous/next arrows are mapped to group slides, not individual items.
Autoplay PRO
Automatically advances to the next item.
Autoplay speed PRO
Advances items ever x milliseconds.
Adaptive height
Changes height of slider to fit height of selected slide.
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