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Show images
Select whether you want to show the items images.
Enable image link
Select whether you want the image to act as a link to the item page.
Image type
  • Featured: The Featured image of the item. If not found, the inline image will be used instead.
  • Inline: The first image found inside the item content.
Full size image
If enabled, the image will cover the whole item container and will be visible behind the detail box.
Crop images
If enabled, the plugin will crop the images to the specified dimensions. If disabled, the original images will be used and they will be resized to fit the grid. Aspect ratio of original images will be preserved.
Image width
If image cropping is enabled, the images will be cropped to this width, in pixels.
Image height
If image cropping is enabled, the images will be cropped to this height, in pixels.
Preserve aspect ratio
If image cropping is disabled and columns layout is selected, images will preserve their original aspect ratio. For smaller screen sizes (smaller than Large screen), aspect ratio will be preserved only if screen layout type is set to Equal columns.
Fallback image
An absolute url of the image to be displayed if there is no Featured or Inline image.


The plugin stores the cropped images in the directory /wp-content/plugins/minitek-wall/resized/.

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