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Preset grids
Select custom PRO or preset grid. If Custom Grid is selected, you must also select a specific grid in the next parameter.
Custom grid PRO
Select a specific custom grid.

  Items sizes

Each grid may contain items of different sizes and the contents for each item size can be independently configured via the parameters of the tab Detail box.

  • Big B

  • Landscape L

  • Portrait P

  • Small S

  • Equal columns E

  • Vertical list V

Masonry grids (custom or preset) contain a combination of B L P S items.

Equal columns grids contain E items.

Vertical list grids contain V items.

For example, Masonry - Grid 7 contains:

1 * B     1 * L     1 * P     4 * S


Number of columns for the Equal columns layout.
Layout mode
  • Masonry: The default layout mode. Items are arranged in a vertically cascading grid without leaving any gaps.
  • FitRows: Items are arranged into rows. Works well for items that have the same height.
Force equal height
If FitRows is selected in the above field and the detail box position is set to Below, the detail box of all items in Masonry - Columns layout will inherit the height of the tallest detail box.
Items spacing in pixels.
Item border
Enable or disable the border around each item.
Border size
Size of border in pixels.
Border color
Select a border color.
Border radius
Radius that will be applied to the item's 4 edges (round edges), in pixels.
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