What is the Download ID? Featured


The Download ID is a unique, random hash which uniquely identifies a user so that the user can have access to updates for Minitek commercial extensions via the Update Manager of Joomla and WordPress.

You can create and manage an unlimited number of additional Download IDs. Additional Download IDs can be disabled or deleted any time you want without affecting your main Download ID. Please note that you can not unpublish or delete your main Download ID.

Joomla Usage

  1. Go to Downloads Section and download the latest version of the plugin Minitek Updates Authentication.

  2. Install the plugin in your website via the Extension Manager.

  3. Open the plugin, publish it and paste your Download ID into the Download ID parameter. Click on "Save & Close".

    (You can find your Download ID here)

That's it! Now you are authenticated to update our commercial extensions via the Extension Manager of Joomla, provided that you have an active subscription for the particular extension.

WordPress Usage

You can find detailed instructions for each WordPress plugin in our Documentation section.