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How to renew my subscription?



Renewals are not necessary in order to keep using our products. You can keep using a product forever without ever renewing your subscription. However, access to updates and support is granted only to users with active subscriptions.

Automatic renewals

We do not enforce automatic renewals and we will never charge you without your explicit consent. Your subscription will be automatically renewed only if you opt-in for automatic renewal in the shopping cart when you purchase a product.

Manual renewals


Manual renewals are only possible via the renewal email that will be automatically sent to your email address. If you have not received the renewal email and you still want to renew, send us a message.

If you opt out of automatic renewal, a subscription renewal must be performed manually by you.

To this purpose we will send you two (2) email notifications.

The first email notification will be sent to you seven (7) days before the subscription expiration day. The email notification will contain info about the expiration day as well as a renewal link. If you are entitled to a renewal discount, it will be automatically applied when you click on the renewal link.

The second and final email notification will be sent to you on the expiration day.

The renewal link expires 7 days after your subscription has expired. You can send us a message if you still want to renew your subscription after the 7-day grace period has passed. In this case, we will send you a discount coupon for a new subscription.