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Minitek smart search


1.  (Add Smart Search to the new feature topic selector :)


2.  I would like to have a module component for minitek smart search so that I can place an actual search box, and not just a link to the search box, on the home page.


Is it possible to do this now?  Through custom module or some other way?  


Great extension!  I really like it.  Super fast, VERY clean user interface.  

724 views  •  Asked 3 years ago  •  by Chris Moggia
Edited 2 years ago

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Please open a ticket in the tickets section and I will look into it.

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Yannis

That's right. Just make sure that you install both the component and the module.

If you have created a template override, you must delete it as the new version has many changes in the template files.

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Yannis

Yannis, this is great news!


Thanks so much!

I'm assuming I have to download an update?  I'll try this out over the next few hours and let you know my success.




Answered 2 years ago  •  by Chris Moggia

Hi Chris,

Minitek Smart Search can now be displayed in a module (version 1.0.5).

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Yannis

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