Why produces MinitekWall so many Database queries? Accepted



i tested minitek wall for some time on my website and i like the design and the features of minitek wall.

But 1 thing makes Minitek Wall for me nearly unusable.

When i go with joomla debug modus to my site, i see so many database querys with minitek.

For example:

on this site i have integrated 5 minitek modules:


Results in debug

45 × SELECT *  
  FROM `ngie_minitek_wall_widgets`
20 × SELECT *
  FROM `ngie_minitek_wall_widgets_source`

2nd example:

1 minitek module:


9 × SELECT *  
  FROM `ngie_minitek_wall_widgets`
4 × SELECT *
  FROM `ngie_minitek_wall_widgets_source`

My hoster said i should remove tools that produces lot of database queries. Please can you say me, why Minitek wall produces so many database queries? Is this a bug or anything false in my settings?

Best regards from austria :)

379 views  •  Asked 1 year ago  •  by Tom

3  Answers


hey, i would ask, when there is the next update of minitek wall planed with this bug fix?

Answered 1 year ago  •  by Tom

perfect, thank you for the fast answer

Answered 1 year ago  •  by Tom

Hi Tom,

Thank you for reporting this. I have pinned this request and will provide a fix in the next version.

Answered 1 year ago  •  by Yannis

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