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Accessing a faq is not always necessary using a menu option. You might want to access the faq from a particular content page or with a link from something like a directory listing or forum post. As it currently stands, one notification appears warning about the lack of a menu option for every section regardless of whether or not you plan to use a menu option. 

Everyone builds sites differently. For me, I build the site infrastructure and create categories as quickly as possible for all components first to give the site structure. Then when I write content, build menus, build directories and such, I can interlink pages and components where required. This menu notification problem is annoying in the sense that it creates more work for the end user. You sometimes have to scroll a page to reach a data entry field because multiple notifications occupy too much space. 

55 views  •  Asked 3 months ago  •  by Eugene Rodrigues

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We created the hidden menu. We assume this is component-specific routing requirement but have not run into this in another component.

Maybe it's just me but these notification messages take up a lot of screen real estate and they are annoying. Maybe someday, the Joomla core team will develop a way of clicking a button from a notification to queue it into a todo list or something.

Nice component though. It solved a few problems for us. 

Answered 3 months ago  •  by Eugene Rodrigues

Hi there,

Menu items for Sections are not optional. They are mandatory. This is why we have added these notices in the background.

Without a menu item for a Section, urls for Topics and Questions will not be routed properly and this will result to 404 errors.

If you don't want to display menu items for Sections in your menu, you can add these menu items to a hidden menu. But you must create them for the urls to work properly.

Answered 3 months ago  •  by Yannis

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