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Hi. What is the reason for depreciating Content Utilities? Is it compatible with Joomla 3.3+? Is there any chance to get it somehow? Either directly or by buying one of the templates which (possibly) has it in QuickStart package? It seems to have been a great component and would mean a great deal to me. Best regards, Javicuse

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Thanks Yannis. I am sorry it is not available, but am looking forward to see the "add to favorites/list" functionality in the K2/Joomla. I hope it will not take too long, there seems not to be any other component which works as good as this one.

Anyway, keep up the good work, I hope to see the updates soon ;)

Answered 1 year ago  •  by Javicuse

Hi Javicuse,

The extension is not available for sale anymore. It will gradually be replaced by other extensions.

The first one of the new series has already been released: Minitek Content Notifications.

Answered 1 year ago  •  by Yannis

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