Responsive Grid for Articles - Limit items per page and add pagination options Pending



I need a module which shows article titles in a list or grid, just like your Responsive Grid for Articles module does now. 

BUT - I want to be able to limit the numbers of articles shown per page. For example, I want to show only three articles per page and have a pagination below the list. 

Please check the demo image I made:

The article items could have similar kind of properties as Responsive Grid for Articles has now, in this example I had reduced the items into titles only. The main need is to have the pagination, and a nice animation when browsing the pages. 

This is such a simple thing to have, but I just cannot find any module which does this properly. There is one common news module which does it but in a lousy way and I don't want to use it, not mentioning any names here. Responsive Grid for Articles is already such a great and versatile module, it could also have this option to make it perfect for paginated news displays and other similar uses. 

Thank you!

133 views  •  Asked 9 months ago  •  by Eemeli
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Hi there,

This is something you can do with Minitek Wall Pro. The Pro version has pagination.

Answered 9 months ago  •  by Yannis

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